Water Resources

Water quality and quantity issues are among the most pressing in the world today. The faculty and students involved with Water Resources research are working to make discoveries that will help improve lives now and well into the future.

The Water Resources program focuses on:

  • improvements in hydrological modeling
  • rainfall-runoff relationships
  • pollutant transport
  • evaporation-infiltration processes
  • accuracy of measurement methods
  • development of artificial wetlands
  • hydrogeology (ground water hydrology)
  • ground water resources

Students use traditional methods as well as new technology, such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning Systems), and satellite imagery, training them to meet current and future demands of the state's industries and government.

Professor John C. Clausen
Professor Glenn S. Warner
Professor Emeritus David R. Miller

Professor Gary A. Robbins

Assistant Research Professor Patricia Bresnahan