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M.S. Degree

Master of Science (M.S.) Degree

The Department offers advanced study in the following specialty areas: atmospheric resources, earth resource information systems, fisheries management, water resources, and wildlife management. The purpose of the M.S. program is to provide advanced study in one of these specialty areas.

Collaborative programs for interdisciplinary research and study exist with other departments and University units, including the Institute of Water Resources, the Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, the Center for Integrative Geosciences, the Northeast Wildlife Disease Center, the Wildlife Conservation Research Center, and the Environmental Health Institute.

Admission to the Program

To be admitted to the University of Connecticut’s Natural Resources and the Environment program, an applicant must hold a Baccalaureate from an accredited college or university or evidence of the equivalent. Admission to degree programs is predicated upon evaluation of undergraduate academic standing and preparation, GRE scores, and a personal interview, when feasible. A cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 for the entire Undergraduate record, 3.0 for the last two years, or excellent work in the entire final year is expected. The applicant must submit to the Graduate Admissions Office official transcripts covering all previous work, undergraduate and graduate. Specific requirements are listed in the University’s Graduate Catalog available, along with application materials, from The Graduate School.


Students in the Natural Resources and the Environment Department may pursue a M.S. degree by either of two plans as determined by their advisory committee.

  • Plan A emphasizes research requiring no fewer than 15 credits of advanced course work and the writing of a thesis summarizing research findings and conclusions.
  • Plan B, available only in Water Resources, requires comprehensive understanding of a more general nature requiring no less than 24 credits of advanced course work and a final examination but no thesis.

Both masters’ plans include a final oral examination conducted and approved by the student’s advisory committee who work together with the student in developing a program of study.



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Graduate Catalog

UConn Graduate School


Meet our Graduate Students, who are currently in several areas of study and looking into various research topics.


For more departmental information
contact the Graduate Coordinator at:

Dept. of Natural Resources
and the Environment
University of Connecticut U-4087
Storrs, CT 06269-4087
phone: (860) 486-2840

For applications materials contact:

The Graduate School
University of Connecticut
438 Whitney Road Extension, U-1006
Storrs, CT 06269-1006
phone: (860) 486-3617

Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840