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Dr. Michael Dietz
Water Resources Extension Educator
Director of Connecticut Institute of Water Resources 

Department of Natural Resources & the Environment

University of Connecticut U-87,
1376 Storrs Road
Storrs, CT 06269-4087

Phone: (860) 486-2436


Ph.D. 2005 Natural Resources Management and Engineering, focus on water resources University of Connecticut
M.S. 2001 Natural Resources Management and Engineering, focus on water resources  University of Connecticut
B.S. 1994 Psychology University of Connecticut 

Courses Taught

Spring 2020 NRE 4695 Special topics: Green Stormwater Infrastructure Practices
Fall 2018 & 2019 NRE 3125 Watershed Hydrology
Spring 2015  NRE 2215 Introduction to Water Resources 
Spring 2004 NRME 239W Natural Resources Planning and Management 
Fall 2003 NRME 246 Water Quality Management 

Work Experience

2019 - Present Extension Educator, CT NEMO Program, University of Connecticut
2014 - 2019 Associate Extension Educator, CT NEMO Program, University of Connecticut
2010 - 2014 Assistant Extension Educator, CT NEMO Program, University of Connecticut 
2007 - 2010 Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist in Sustainable Living, Department of Environment and Society, Utah State University
Director, Utah House, Utah State University Cooperative Extension
2005 - 2007 Assistant Extension Educator in-Residence, University of Connecticut
Cooperative Extension System, NEMO program
1999 - 2005 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Connecticut, Department of Natural Resources Management and Engineering

Research Interest

Performance of green stormwater infrastructure practices, and impacts of road salt on surface and groundwater systems.

Current or Recent Research Grants

  • 2016-2021: Statewide Education, Outreach, and Mapping Support for the MS4 General Permit. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. $1,625,000 . Dietz, M. (Principal). Arnold, C. (Principal), Dickson, D. (Principal),), Wilson, E. (Principal).

  • 2016-2018: Pervious concrete retrofit to support the Eagleville Brook TMD. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Section 319.   $116,160. M. Dietz PI, C. Arnold co-PI.

  • 2015-2017: Achieving Agricultural Water Security in Connecticut through RCPP. Natural Resources Conservation Service. $275,000. O'Neill, M. P. PI, Dietz, M. (co-PI), Raudales, R.E. (co-PI), Campbell, B. (co-PI). 

  • 2013-2017: Expanding Consumer and Community Water Protection Efforts Through Innovative and Integrated Mobile Technologies. USDA/NIFA. $333,058. M. Dietz PI, D. Dickson, Co-PI.

Selected Pubs

  • Dietz, M.E., Angel, D., Robbins, G., and McNaboe, L.A. 2016. Permeable asphalt: a new tool to reduce road salt contamination of groundwater in urban areas. Groundwater. doi:10.1111/gwat.12454.

  • Dietz, M.E. 2016. Modified bioretention for enhanced nitrogen removal from agricultural runoff. Journal of Environmental Engineering, online first: DOI 10.1061/(ASCE)EE.1943-7870.0001144

  • Dietz, M.E. Arnold, C.A., Milardo, K., and Miller, R. 2015. The Care and Feeding of a Long-Term Institutional Commitment to Green Stormwater Infrastructure: a Case Study at the University of Connecticut. Journal of Green Building, Vol. 10(3), pp. 1-13.

  • Rosa, D., Clausen, J. C., Dietz, M.E. 2015. Calibration and Verification of SWMM for Low Impact Development. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Vol. 51(3), pp. 746-757.

  • Dietz, M.E., and Dickson, D. 2013. Encouraging rain garden installation with a smart phone app. Journal of Extension [On-line], 51(2) Article 2TOT2. Available at

  • Dietz, M.E., and Abraham, J. 2011. Stormwater Monitoring and Resident Behavior in a Semi-Arid Region. Journal of Extension, Vol. 49(2).

  • Dietz, M.E., Mulford, J., and Case, K. 2009. The Utah House: an effective educational too and catalyst for behavior change? Building and Environment, Vol. 44, pp. 1707-1713.

  • Burian, S., Dietz, M., Pomeroy, C., Görges, B., and Flower, W. 2008. Low Impact Development in Utah: Progress, Constraints, and Future Outlook. Low Impact Development for Urban Ecosystem and Habitat Protection: pp. 1-10. doi: 10.1061/41009(333)75

  • Dietz, M.E., and Clausen, J.C. 2008. Stormwater Runoff and Export Changes with Development in a Traditional and Low Impact Subdivision. Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 87, pp. 560-566.

  • Dietz, M.E. 2007. Low Impact Development Practices: A Review of Current Research and Recommendations for Future Directions. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, Vol. 186 (1-4), pp. 351-363.

  • Dietz, M.E., and Clausen, J.C. 2006. Saturation to Improve Pollutant Retention in a Rain Garden. Environmental Science and Technology. Vol. 40 (4), pp. 1335-1340.

  • Dietz, M.E., and Clausen, J.C. 2005. A Field Evaluation of Rain Garden Flow and Pollutant Treatment. Water, Air and Soil Pollution. Vol. 167(1-4), pp. 123-138.

  • Dietz, M.E., Clausen, J.C., and K.K. Filchak. 2004. Education and Changes in Residential Nonpoint Source Pollution. Environmental Management. Vol. 34(5), pp. 684-690.

Honors & Awards

  • Provost’s Award for Excellence in Public Engagement. Career Recognition for Team (Center for Land Use Education and Research). November 2016.

  • Environmental Leadership Alumni Award 2013-2016. University of Connecticut Environmental Policy Advisory Council. October 2016.

  • Environmental Leadership Team Award 2013-2016 (co-awardee with David Dickson). University of Connecticut Environmental Policy Advisory Council. October 2016.

  • U.S. EPA Environmental Merit Award. Collaboration with Rutgers University Extension on New England Rain Garden Trainings. EPA Region 1. October 2012.

  • Nancy and David Bull Innovation in Extension Award, for Connecticut Rain Garden App. Co-recipient with David Dickson. University of Connecticut, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. April 2013. 
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840