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Dr. John C. Volin
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & NRE Professor
Office of the Provost
Department of Natural Resources & the Environment

University of Connecticut
U-4087, 1376 Storrs Road
Storrs, CT 06269-4087

Office: Gulley Hall, First Floor
Phone: 860 486-4037

CV- Download

Education   CV- Download

Ph.D., 1994 University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI Department of Forestry
M.S., 1988 South Dakota State University, SD Plant Science Department
B.S., 1986 South Dakota State University, SD Department of Biology


2017 - Present

Office of the Provost, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
2015 - 2017 Eversource Energy Center, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT Associate Director & Co-Founder
2013 - 2017 Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences Program, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT Director
2007 - 2017 Department of Natural Resources & the Environment,University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT Professor and Department Head
2005 - 2007 Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University, Davie, FL Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology
2001 - 2007 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL Director of Environmental Science Graduate Program
2003 - 2007 Florida Center for Environmental Studies, Palm Beach Gardens, FL Associate Director of Research
2000 - 2005 Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University, Davie, FL Associate Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology
2000 - 2002 Division of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University, Davie, FL Chair
1999 - 2001 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL Assistant Director of Environmental Sciences Graduate Research Program
1995 - 2000 Division of Science, Florida Atlantic University, Davie, FL Assistant Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology
1994 - 1995 Department of Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI Post Doctoral Research Fellow


  • "Cold-Plasma Treatment of Seeds to Remove Surface Materials," with Raymond A. Young, Ferenz Denes and Sorin O. Manolache. Patent # 6,543,460, April 2003.

Honors and Awards

2019 Environmental Leadership Award – University of Connecticut
2017 Excellence in Research Award – University of Connecticut’s College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources
2015 David Blick Science Education Award - University of Connecticut's Neag School of Education
2006 First Educator of the Year Award presented by the Broward Alliance
2001 Florida Atlantic University's Researcher of the Year Award
1999 Distinguished Community Service Award conferred by Florida Board of Regents
1988 Gamma Sigma Delta honorary academic society
1988 Sigma Xi scientific research society

Selected Current or Recent Grants

  • Foundation Awards:
    • Have totaled > $11 million and are found under Administrative Highlights at end of CV.
  • Federal, State, Private and Tribal Sponsor Awards:
    • 50 grants totaling > $13.5 million.


  • “Promoting lifelong STEM learning through a focus on geospatial technology and community engagement,” PI with Chester Arnold, Todd Campbell, Cary Chadwick and David Moss, $2,995,133, October 2016 – September 2021, National Science Foundation Advancing Informal STEM Learning Program.


  • “Water and Sustainability: Educative curriculum using online mapping tools to support teacher and student learning,” Co-PI with Chester Arnold (PI), Cary Chadwick, Todd Campbell, David Moss, Emily Wilson and Michael Willig, $144,000, October 2016 – September 2019, USDA AFRI Challenge Area Water Resources.


  • “The UConn Climate Corps: Serving Connecticut’s communities while providing a unique undergraduate learning experience,” Co-PI with Chester Arnold (PI), Julianna Barrett, Bruce Hyde, Mark Boyer, Maria Chrysochoou and Sylvain DeGuise, $150,000, July 2016 – July 2019, University of Connecticut Academic Plan Competitive Grant Program.


  • “Evaluation of airborne & mobile LiDAR technologies for monitoring roadside vegetation and utility infrastructure,” PI with Jason Parent, Emannouil Anagnostou, Thomas Meyer, David Wanik and Wei Zhang, $338,062, January 2016 – January 2017, Eversource Energy.


  • “Stormwise: Vegetation Management and Modeling for Storm Resistant Trees, Resilient Power and Sustainable Futures,” PI with Thomas Worthley, Anita Morzillo, Jason Parent and Christine Kirchhoff, $1,213,521, June 2015 – January 2018, Eversource Energy.


  • “Cross-training forestry graduates in landscape-scale sustainability planning: integrating decision science with social-ecological geospatial models,” Co-PI with Chadwick Rittenhouse (PI), Daniel Civco, Thomas Meyer, Mark Rudnicki and Jason Vokoun, $238,500, May 2014 – April 2019, USDA NIFA Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship (NNF) Grants Program.


  • “Creating a model of green infrastructure implementation that incorporates public education, civic engagement, community building, youth involvement, and artful design and place-making into stormwater management efforts,” PI with Chester Arnold, Jonathan Fogelson, Michael Dietz and Laura Cisneros, $350,000, April 2014 – April 2016, SURDNA Foundation.


  • Stormwise:” An innovative approach to forest stewardship, public outreach and stakeholder collaboration at the landscape scale,” co-PI with Thomas Worthley (PI), Mark Rudnicki and Jeff Ward, $256,703, July 2013 – June 2016, US Forest Service State and Private Forestry FY 2013 Northeastern Area Competitive Grant Program.


  • “Assessing capacity for small scale forest products production in CT,” co-PI with Thomas Worthley (PI), $70,360, October 2013 – September 2018, USDA McIntire-Stennis Program.


Selected Publications

  • Kloster, D.P., A.T. Morzillo, J.C. Volin and T.E. Worthley. 2019. Tree crew perspectives on wood product recovery from utility vegetation management.Arboriculture & Urban Forestry (in press).
  • Parent, J., T. Meyer, J. Volin, R. Fahey and C. Witharana. 2019. An analysis of enhanced tree trimming effectiveness on reducing power outages. Journal of Environmental Management (in press).
  • Bunce, A., J.C. Volin, D.R. Miller, J. Parent and M. Rudnicki. 2019. Determinants of tree sway frequency in temperate deciduous forests of the Northeast United States. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 266-267:87-96
  • Kloster, D., A. Morzillo and J.C. Volin. 2018. A national and local media perspective on causes of, responsibility for, and solutions to storm-related power outages in the northeastern United States. Environmental Hazards. 18:3, 228-245.
  • Chadwick, C., D. Dickson, C. Arnold, L. Cisneros, J.C. Volin, T. Campbell, D. Moss and L. Rodriguez. 2018. Intergenerational STEM learning: connecting generations through informal geospatial and conservationeducation. Journal of Extension 56(5).
  • Parent, J.R. and J.C. Volin. 2016. Validating Landsat-based landscape metrics with fine-grained land cover data.Ecological Indicators 60:668-677. doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2015.08.009.
  • Parent, J.R. and J.C. Volin. 2015. Assessing species-level biases in tree heights estimated from terrain-optimized leaf-off airborne laser scanner (ALS) data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 36:2697-2712. DOI:10.1080/01431161.2015.1047047.
  • Soti, P.G., K. Jayachandran, S. Koptur and J.C. Volin. 2015. Effect of soil pH on growth, nutrient uptake, and mycorrhizal colonization in exotic invasive Lygoidum microphyllumPlant Ecology 216:989-998. DOI:10.1007/s11258-015-0484-6.
  • Parent, J.R., D.L. Civco and J.C. Volin. 2015. A fully-automated approach to land cover mapping with airborne LiDAR and high resolution multispectral imagery in a forested suburban landscape. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 104:18-29. doi:10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2015.02.012.
  • Van der Valk, A.G., J.C. Volin, P.R. Wetzel. 2015. Predicted changes in interannual water-level fluctuations due to climate change and its implications for the vegetation of the Florida Everglades.  Environmental Management 55:799-806. DOI:10.1007/s00267-014-0434-4.
  • Parent, J.R. and J.C. Volin. 2014. Assessing the potential for leaf-off LiDAR data to model canopy closure in temperate deciduous forests. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 95:134-145. DOI: 10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2014.06.009.
  • Soti, P.G., K. Jayachandran, M. Purcell, J.C. Volin and K. Kitajima. 2014. Mycorrhizal symbiosis and Lygodium microphyllum invasion in South Florida – a biogeographic comparison. Symbiosis DOI 10.1007/s13199-014-0272-4.
  • Glaser, P.H., B.C.S. Hansen, J.J. Donovan, T.J. Givnish, C.A. Stricker and J.C. Volin. 2013. Holocene dynamics of the Florida Everglades with respect to climate, dustfall and tropical storms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (43):17163-17164; doi:10.1073/iti4313110. (Research Highlight in Nature Geoscience 2013, 6: 900, and Editors’ Choice Science 2013, 342: 778).
  • Dreiss, L.M. and J.C. Volin. 2013. Influence of leaf phenology and site nitrogen on invasive species establishment in temperate deciduous forest understories. Forest Ecology and Management 296:1-8.
  • Glaser, P.H., J.C. Volin, T.J. Givnish, B.C.S. Hansen and C.A. Stricker. 2012. Carbon and sediment accumulation in the Everglades (USA) during the past 4000 years: rates, drivers, and sources of error. Journal of Geophysical Research Biogeosciences Vol. 117, G03026, doi: 10.1029/2011JG001821, p. 1 -18. Editor’s choice for Research Spotlight.
  • Larsen, L., N. Aumen, C. Bernhardt, V. Engel, T. Givnish, S. Hagerthey, J. Harvey, L. Leonard, P. McCormick, C. McVoy, G. Noe, M. Nungesser, K. Rutchey, F. Sklar, T. Troxler, J. Volin, D. Willard. 2011. Recent and historic drivers of landscape change in the Everglades ridge, slough, and tree island mosaic. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 41:344-381.
  • Volin, J.C. 2010. Gestalt of an invader. Current Conservation 4:29-32.
  • Soti, P.G. and J.C. Volin. 2010. Does water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) compensate for simulated defoliation? Implications for effective biocontrol. In press, Biological Control. Volin, J.C., E.L. Kruger, V.C. Volin, M.F. Tobin and K. Kitajima. 2009. Does release from natural enemies belowground explain the invasiveness of Lygodium microphyllum? A cross-continental comparison. Plant Ecology,
  • Doren, R.F., J.H. Richards and J.C. Volin. 2009. A conceptual ecological model to facilitate understanding the role of invasive species in large-scale ecosystem restoration. Ecological Indicators, 9S:S150-160.
  • Doren, R.F., J.C. Volin and J.H. Richards. 2009. Invasive exotic plant indicators for ecosystem restoration: an example from the Everglades restoration program. Ecological Indicators, 9S:S29-36.
  • Dorn, N.J. and J.C. Volin. 2009. Resistance of crayfish (Procambarus spp.) populations to wetland srying depends on species and substrate. Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 28:766-777.
  • Liu, Z., J.C. Volin, V.D. Owen, L.G. Pearlstine, J.R. Allen, F.J. Mazzotti and A.L. Higer. 2009. Validation and ecosystem applications of the EDEN water-surface model for the Florida Everglades. Ecohydrology, 2:182-194.
  • Gandiaga, S., J.C. Volin, E.L. Kruger and K. Kitajima. 2009. Effects of hydrology on the growth and physiology of an invasive exotic, Lygodium microphyllum (Old World climbing fern). Weed Research, 49:283-290.
  • Volin J.C., Zhongwei L., Higer A., Mazzotti F., Owen D., Allen J. and Pearlstine, L. 2008. Validation of a Spatially Continuous EDEN Water-Surface Model for the Everglades, Florida.
  • Ireland, K.B., N.A. Haji Mohamad Noor, E.A.B. Aitken, S. Schmidt and J.C. Volin. 2008. First report of Glomerella cingulata (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) causing anthracnose and tip dieback of Lygodium microphyllum and L. japonicum in Australia. Plant Disease, 92:1369.
  • Givnish, T.J. J.C. Volin, V.D. Owen, V.C. Volin, J.D. Muss and P.H. Glaser. 2008. Vegetation differentiation in the patterned landscape of the Central Everglades: importance of local and landscape drivers. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 17:384-402.
  • Kruger, E.L. and J.C. Volin. 2006. Reexamining the empirical relation between plant growth and leaf photosynthesis. Functional Plant Biology. 33:421-429.
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  • Lott, M.S., J.C. Volin, R.W. Pemberton and D.F. Austin. 2003. The reproductive biology of Lygodium microphyllum and L. japonicum (Schizaeaceae) and its implications for invasive potential. American Journal of Botany. 90:1144-1152.
  • Volin, J.C., E.L. Kruger and R.L. Lindroth. 2002. Responses of deciduous broadleaf trees to defoliation in a CO2 enriched atmosphere. Tree Physiology. 22:435-448.


Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840