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Min T. Huang, Ph.D.
Research Scientist - Adjunct
Department of Natural Resources & the Environment
Migratory Bird Program Leader

University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Rd. Unit 4087
Storrs, CT 06269-4087

Phone: 860-418-5959


Ph.D. 2010 University of Connecticut; Natural Resources
M.S. 1996 Frostburg State University; Wildlife Management
B.S. 1992 University of Connecticut; Wildlife Management
B.A. 1992 University of Connecticut; English


2002 - Present Wildlife Division, CT Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection, Migratory Bird Program Leader
2000 Certified Wildlife Biologist, conferred by The Wildlife Society
1997 - 2002 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Biologist
1995 - 1997 Florida Game and Fish Commission, Wildlife Biologist

Research Interests

Current projects include:

  • CT Bird Atlas
  • Clapper Rail survival and nesting success
  • Development of mallard harvest strategy in the Atlantic Flyway
  • Migration timing and survival of North Atlantic Population Canada geese
  • Wintering movements of greater snow geese
  • Integrating waterfowl harvest and habitat management objectives
  • Songbird response to forest management
  • Dispersal patterns of purple martins
  • Ruffed grouse dispersal and survival.
Here's a link to an NPR show on the CT Bird Atlas!


Selected Technical Reports

  • Huang, M.2010. Wintering Habitat Use, Survival, and Time and Energy Budgets of Black Ducks in Connecticut. Final report to Black Duck Joint Venture.
  • Lefebvre, J.,M. Huang, J.-F. Giroux, M. Belisle, and J. Bety. 2010. Improving GSGO Continental Population Estimates and New Habitat Use Patterns on the Wintering Grounds. Progress report to the Arctic Goose Joint Venture.
  • Calvert, A. M., G. Gauthier, Eric T. Reed, L. Bélanger, , J.-F. Giroux, J.-F. Gobeil,M. Huang, J. Lefebvre and A. Reed. 2006. Temporal changes in harvest. Pages 5-63inReed, E. T. and A. M. Calvert, ed. An evaluation of the special conservation measures for Greater Snow Geese: report of the Greater Snow Goose Working Group. Arctic Goose Joint Venture Special Publication. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington D.C. and Canadian Wildlife Service, Ottawa, ON.
  • Anderson, M. G., D. Casewell, J. M. Eadie, J. T. Herbert,M. Huang, D. D. Humberg, F. A. Johnson, M. D. Koneff, S. E. Mott, T. D. Nudds, E. T. Reed, J. K. Ringleman, M. C. Runge, and B. C. Wilson. 2007. Report from the Joint Task Group: Clarifying North American waterfowl management plan population objectives and their use in harvest management.
  • Huang, M.2006. Habitat Use and Survival of American Woodcock in Connecticut. Final report to USFWS.
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840