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In today's world, with an ever-increasing human population, the conservation of the limited natural resources available on the planet is a concern. Professionals in the natural resources field work toward resolving issues related to natural resource renewal, management, and conservation. These professionals are active in the fields of forest, wildlife, and fisheries management, water resources, micormeteorology, wetland conservation, soil and aerial photographic imagery.


Mission & Vision


The mission of the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment is to provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, to generate new knowledge by conducting research, and to provide extension and outreach programs in the field of natural resources management and engineering and environmental science.

The Department places distinct emphasis on the problems associated with the interface between rural and urban environments. These services are directed primarily toward Connecticut's students, governmental agencies (local, state, and federal), natural-resource owners and managers, and the general public. The program also addresses national and global issues.

The major focus of the Department is directed toward water, air, forests, fisheries, and wildlife resources, and remote sensing/geographic information systems. The Department's overall purpose is to contribute to the solution of environmental problems, to increase the understanding of natural resources systems, and to enhance the wise management of these resources. Over the years, the Department has become a leader in the natural resources and environmental sciences.



Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840