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Meet Our Graduate Students

Graduate Student  Degree Sought Advisor Name

Research Topic/Area of Study

Alveshere, Brandon PhD Dr. Fahey  Forest Edge and Canopy Structural Complexity
Barclay, Janet PhD Dr. Helton Water Resources & Nutrient Dynamics 
Barry, Aidan MS Dr. Lawrence Carbon Cycling & Microbial Communities within Coastal Wetlands
Beattie, Kristen MS Dr. T. Rittenhouse Bobcat Occupancy across Human Housing Densities in Connecticut
Bourque, Jennifer MS Dr. McKinney Marine Mammal Feeding Ecology, Contaminants, & Immune Function
Bowdler, Daniel PhD Dr. Warner Water Resources
Bunce, Amanda PhD Dr. Fahey Tree Biomechanics and Silviculture for Climate Change
Cherian, Acima PhD Dr. Ortega  Population Ecology of African Civets (Civettictis civetta)
Difalco, Steven MS Dr. Morzillo Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Greene, Danielle MS Dr. Vokoun Introgressive Hybridization Between Wild & Stocked Brook Trout
Hale, Dan MS Dr. Morzillo Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Hare, Danielle PhD Dr. Helton  Carbon Processing in Stream Ecosystems
Hawley, Jason PhD Dr. T. Rittenhouse Bobcat Habitat Selection Movement 
Haynes, Adam MS Dr. Helton  
Jackson, Kevin MS Dr. Helton Watershed land use and water quality
Jacobson, Richard PhD Dr. Warner  
Klinck, Jenna MS Dr. Volin Tree Sway Dynamic 
Kloster, Danielle PhD Dr. Morzillo,
Dr. Volin
Urban Wood Utilization
Lawrence, Kersey PhD Dr. Meyer Comparing Indigenous & Modern Wildlife Tracking
Liberati, Mauri PhD Dr. C. Rittenhouse, 
Dr. Vokoun
Landscape Ecology, Wildlife Ecology, and Conservation Planning
Marek, Nancy PhD Dr. Volin Unpiloted Aerial Systems & Invasive Species Mapping
Molo, Dickens MS Dr. Anyah  
Moore, Eric PhD Dr. Helton   
Ooi, Sean Khan MS Dr. Helton Denitrification in New England salt marshes
Pedro, Sara PhD Dr. McKinney Ecology, Contaminants & Climate Change
Puchkoff, Anna MS Dr. Lawrence Sea level rise impacts to ecosystem services of coastal wetlands
Rogers, Julia MS Dr. Fahey Roadside Forest Management Impacts on Understory Species
Stevens, Skyler PhD Dr. T. Rittenhouse Ranavirus Ecology and Epidemiology
Sullivan, Christopher PhD Dr. Vokoun  
Tashev, Azamat PhD Dr. Kirchhoff Community Water Systems' Drought Management and Organizational Learning
Upp, Megan MS Dr. Vokoun  
Volin, Elliott MS Dr. Fahey Urban Forestry Models & Identifying Underserved Communities
Walker, Samantha MS Dr. Lawrence Road Deicing Salts Impact the Structure and Function of Forested Wetlands
Wright, Daniel MS Dr. T. Rittenhouse  
Xue, Zhao PhD Dr. Meyer Geospatial Statistics 
Yang, Zhiyuan MS Dr. Meyer N/A
Yarmey, Nicholas MS Dr. Morzillo Human Dimensions of Wildlife
Zhang, Junxue PhD Dr. Zhu  


Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840