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Meet Our Graduate Students

Graduate  Student  Degree Sought Advisor Name

Research Topic/Area of Study

Barclay, Janet PhD Dr. Helton Water Resource & Nutrient Dynamics 
Bowdler, Daniel PhD Dr. Warner Water Resources
Bunce, Amanda MS Dr. Volin Forestry & Wind/Tree Interaction 
Doroski, April MS Dr. Helton Biogeochemistry of Coastal Wetlands
Franklin, Kevin MS Dr. Meyer  
Greene, Danielle MS Dr. Vokoun Introgressive Hybridization Between Wild & Stocked Brook Trout
Hale, Dan MS Dr. Morzillo Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Hibbard, Alexandria MS Dr. Clausen Wetlands and Water Resources
Johnson, Olivia MS Dr. Lawrence Carbon & Nitrogen Dynamics in Freshwater Coastal Wetlands
Keener-Eck, Lindsay MS Dr. Morzillo Human Dimensions of Rattlesnake Conservation
Kilburn, Jenny MS Dr.T. Rittenhouse Estimation of White-Tail Deer Abundance
Klinck, Jenna MS Dr.Volin Tree Sway Dynamics 
Kloster, Danielle PhD Dr. Morzillo,
Dr. Volin
Urban Wood Utilization
Lawrence, Kersey PhD Dr. Meyer Comparing Indigenous & Modern Wildlife Tracking
Lei, Qian PhD Dr.Civco GIS, Remote Sensing & Geomatics
Liberati, Mauri PhD Dr.C. Rittenhouse,
Dr. Vokoun
Landscape Ecology 
Linden, Ellie MS Dr.C. Rittenhouse GIS & Remote Sensing to Analyze Changes in Vegetation Dynamics 
Linske, Megan PhD Dr. Ortega  Trophic Cascades: Deer, Vegetation, Small Mammals
Liu, Cong MS Dr. Yang Riparian Ecosystem Modeling & Smart Resources Grids
Marek, Nancy PhD Dr.Volin Invasive Plant Adaption to Low Light Conditions
McNaboe, Luke MS Dr. Dietz Impacts of Winter De-Icing on Groundwater Quality
Nathan, Lucas PhD Dr.Vokoun Landscape Genetics of Brook Trout
Pastick, Jillian MS Dr. Fahey Restoration of Composition, Structure, & Function in Forest Ecosystems
Pedro, Sara PhD Dr. McKinney Ecology, Contaminants & Climate Change
Rosa, David PhD Dr. Clausen Agroforestry Riparian Project for Biofuel & Environmental Benefits
Schwenk, Kelsey MS Dr. Ortega Mesopredators, Lyme Disease, and Trophic Cascade in Connecticut
Tardif, Scott MS Dr. Warner Impact on Watersheds from Development & Land Use Change
Volin, Elliott MS Dr. Fahey Urban Forestry Models & Identifying Underserved Communities
Wu, Junya MS Dr. Yang Riparian Ecosystem Modeling & Smart Resources Grids
Xue, Zhao PhD Dr. Meyer  
Zylberman, Jason MS Dr. Civco Geomatics / Living Shorelines


Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4087
Phone: 860-486-2840